Each Time Kirk & Spock Fought In Star Trek Canon

Each time Leonard Nimoy's Spock and William Shatner's Kirk fought in Star Trek

In Star Trek: The Authentic Sequence, Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) and Lieutenant Spock (Leonard Nimoy) have been greatest pals on the USS Enterprise, however all pals battle sometimes, and Kirk and Spock have been no exception. Ever since TOS ended, Star Trek has tried to copy the dynamic between Kirk and Spock, most notably within the JJ Abrams’ films, which recast the characters with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. As these films have been prequels to TOS set in an alternate timeline, the 2 officers’ differing outlooks on their obligations as Starfleet officers led to a number of conflicts, earlier than they shaped the same bond to their Prime Star Trek Universe counterparts.

Kirk and Spock could conflict once more when Star Trek: Unusual New Worldsseason 2 introduces the longer term Enterprise captain, performed by Paul Wesley, to its solid. SNW season 2 is thrilling for Trek followers as a result of it’ll present Kirk and Spock’s first canonical assembly. It stays to be seen how a lot battle there will probably be between each officers previous to TOS, however even after the 2 officers solidified their friendship, they nonetheless had fights. As a rule their fights have been as a consequence of historic traditions, alternate realities, or staged as a part of covert Starfleet missions. This is each time Kirk and Spock got here to blows in Star Trek, and why they fought one another.

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7 Amok Time

Leonard Nimoy as Spock and William Shatner as Kirk in Star Trek: Amok Time

Probably the most well-known Kirk and Spock battle is the duel to the dying from Star Trek season 2, episode 1, “Amok Time”. Taking Spock again dwelling to Vulcan to take part of their historic marriage rituals, Kirk turned concerned in a brutal duel for T’Pring’s hand in marriage. Spock’s fiancee selected Kirk as her champion, and since he feared for Spock’s life if he fought T’Pring’s different selection – Stonn – Kirk agreed to participate, deciding to throw the battle. When it was revealed that the battle was a duel to the dying, Kirk and McCoy (DeForest Kelly) needed to give you an alternate answer.

McCoy gave Kirk an injection that finally knocked him out and made it seem that the Enterprise captain had been killed. Distraught at murdering his pal, Spock relinquishes his declare to T’Pring and returns to the Enterprise. The characteristically impassive Spock is overjoyed to see that Kirk remains to be alive, and even embraces him enthusiastically. The enduring “Amok Time” battle has featured in lots of a Star Trek parody, and key to the scene’s energy is the truth that Kirk’s choice is rooted in friendship and his protectiveness over the susceptible Spock.

6 This Facet Of Paradise

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in This Side of Paradise

Gene Roddenberry famously envisioned humanity’s future freed from battle, so the fights in Star Trek have been typically the results of some nefarious affect. In Star Trek season 1, episode 24, “This Facet of Paradise”, the Enterprise crew turns into contaminated by alien spores. The spores have a symbiotic relationship with their humanoid hosts, that preserve them from ever leaving the planet Omicron Ceti III. When Kirk tried to evacuate Omicron Ceti III, he met with resistance from the colonists, his crew, and from Spock himself.

When Kirk realized that the spores dissipated when uncovered to violent feelings, he lured Spock again to the Enterprise for a battle. Uncovered to the spores, Spock may act on his romantic emotions for Federation botanist Leila Kalomi, whom he met six years earlier. Nonetheless, as soon as Kirk lured him again and subjected him to a racist tirade, Spock lashed out and the 2 males fought. The spores’ affect was launched simply previous to Spock cracking a stool down on Kirk’s head. Heartbreakingly, Spock’s return to his impassive Vulcan state was sufficient to launch the lovestruck Kalomi from the affect of the spores, too.

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5 Mirror, Mirror

Spock Kirk Mirror Mirror

When Kirk was stranded within the dystopian Mirror Universe, he and an Enterprise away group have been compelled to battle for his or her lives towards the brutal regime of the Terran Empire. Whereas impersonating his evil counterpart, Kirk was virtually assassinated by an evil model of Chekov (Walter Koenig) in an try to understand energy. The climax of “Mirror, Mirror” additionally contains a battle between Kirk and Sulu for management of the Mirror Universe Enterprise, a battle that the Prime Universe Kirk swiftly wins.

Previous to this, nonetheless, Kirk and the Mirror Universe Spock had additionally fought one another in a failed ambush try by the away group. Whereas placing up a superb battle, Kirk finally loses out to Spock, who’s then knocked unconscious by Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). After this battle, Prime Kirk and Mirror Spock construct mutual respect for one another, with Kirk noting that Spock is a “man of integrity in each universes” after the Vulcan agrees to assist the away group return dwelling.

4 The Enterprise Incident

Leonard Nimoy as Spock, William Shatner as Kirk in Star Trek, The Enterprise Incident

As a part of a covert Starfleet mission to study the secrets and techniques of the Star Trek cloaking system utilized by Romulan starships, Kirk and Spock staged a battle whereas imprisoned by their enemy. Kirk accused Spock of betraying the Federation for the Romulan Empire. The 2 fought, and Spock ended the battle by deploying a Vulcan dying grip, which seemingly killed Kirk immediately. Kirk and Spock’s confrontation had two desired outcomes. The primary was that, by seemingly killing Kirk, Spock may additional persuade the feminine Romulan commander that he was open to her provide of serving alongside him.

The second final result was that in faking his dying, Kirk may proceed his covert mission for Starfleet. Believed lifeless by the Romulans, Kirk was ready to make use of the surgical tech deployed by Nurse Chapel in SNWto go as a Romulan. Disguised as a Romulan, Kirk makes use of the knowledge Spock has obtained from the feminine commander to steal the cloaking system and take it again to Starfleet for evaluation.

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3 The Bare Time

Kirk and Spock fight each other in The Naked Time

Star Trek season 1, episode 6, “The Bare Time” is greatest identified for Sulu’s topless fencing, however it additionally options one other fistfight between Kirk and Spock. Affected by polywater intoxication, Spock is gripped by guilt over his incapacity to precise love for Nurse Chapel or his personal mom. Polywater was actually an allegory for a way alcohol can take away individuals’s inhibitions once they’re drunk, however the impact it had on Spock was to show him right into a morose drunk. Hoping to snap his first officer out of his self-pity, Kirk slapped him throughout the face, resulting in a battle between the 2 males.

Star Trek: The Subsequent Technologyseason 1, episode 3, “The Bare Now” was a sequel to this TOS story, albeit with much less combating between the bridge crew. Kirk and Spock’s battle truly allowed the intoxication to unfold to Kirk himself, which was the other of his intentions. Nonetheless, McCoy was available to treatment Kirk of his polywater intoxication earlier than his infatuation with Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) went any additional.

2 The Enemy Inside

Evil Kirk screaming in

In “The Enemy Inside”, a transporter accident led to Captain Kirk being separated into good and evil variations. The evil Kirk is extra primal and lacks the self-control and professionalism befitting a Starfleet captain. He drinks closely and assaults Janice Rand in her quarters. Evil Kirk additionally makes an attempt to kill the nice Kirk so he can substitute him as Enterprise captain. His try is foiled by Spock, who assaults the transporter clone and neutralizes him with a Vulcan nerve pinch.

“The Enemy Inside” was the primary of Star Trek‘s doppelganger tales, which has been continued elsewhere within the franchise. Nonetheless, not like Thomas Riker or William Boimler, evil Kirk wasn’t allowed to stay, and the 2 halves of the Enterprise captain have been rejoined within the transporter by the top of the episode. Kirk’s extra animalistic facet is swiftly suppressed by the method, and it is quietly brushed apart by his Enterprise colleagues. Regardless of Janice Rand, who’s relatively cruelly left to stay along with her ordeal by the hands of evil Kirk.

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1 Star Trek 2009

Zachary Quinto as Spock choking Kirk offscreen in Star Trek 2009

In a mirror of the scene from “The Bare Time”, Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) come to blows within the first of J.J Abrams’ Kelvin Timeline films. After being forcibly faraway from the ship by Spock, Kirk finds himself stranded on the hostile and snowy world of Delta Vega. It is on Delta Vega the place Kirk meets Scotty (Simon Pegg) and the Prime Universe Spock, who informs Kirk of Nero’s plans to avenge his household for the destruction of the Romulan dwelling world. Prime Spock helps Kirk and Scotty get again to the Enterprise the place, to guard Spock’s future, Kirk refuses to clarify how they bought again aboard.

In a reversal of the scene from “The Bare Time”, Kirk goaded Spock for his lack of feelings in regards to the destruction of Vulcan and the dying of his mom. In response, Spock loses management of his feelings and lunges at Kirk, attempting to choke him to dying in entrance of his father, Sarek (Ben Cross). The intervention of his father satisfied Spock to let Kirk go, earlier than he relinquishes command of the Enterprise. Stating that he’s “emotionally compromised“, Spock handed the ship over to Kirk, organising their dynamic in Star Trek: The Authentic Sequence and the fights that have been to observe.

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