Don’t cloud unity agenda with implicit bias

Do not cloud unity agenda with implicit bias

I TRULY consider that issues are a present to us as with out them we’ll cease evolving, and when complacency units in, we’ll begin to rot in a rut. Issues are in abundance in all walks of life. There’s not a single one that is devoid of issues. However when an issue arises, the answer has already been framed – it lies in our method.

We have now to undertake a novel technique that has not been chosen by others. It will give a brand new perspective and angle to the issue.

“The way in which we see the issue is the issue,” says creator Stephen R. Covey. The issue just isn’t the issue. The issue is our angle in direction of the issue. To come back out of the issue, we now have to face away from the issue and analyse its root trigger, observe the steps in fixing it, after which taking the mandatory actions. It will present a transparent and simple answer. If it’s not attainable to unravel it, chuckle it off. It can no less than give us the braveness to face extra such issues sooner or later.

The current furor over the celebration of “Ponggal” went a full cycle and continues to be trending, some 5 days after the festivity was described by some as a non secular competition. There have been some teams that determined to trigger mischief, however they weren’t the plenty and, therefore, couldn’t have any unfavorable affect on the folks with the correct thoughts. Nonetheless, it was an issue that wanted some ingenuity to handle.

The controversy if Ponggal is a non secular or cultural observance is, for my part, over-rated as there may be at all times the flip facet to the coin.

People have developed over time, so have cultures, customs and rituals over the centuries. To have fun or in any other case is as much as the person. The particular person ought to be allowed to decide on with out compulsion, particularly these days. We could not be capable to clarify distinctions as a result of perceptions come into play.

Those that tarnish or criticise the non secular or cultural observances of others lack maturity and knowledge. It turns into extra harmful, particularly in a rustic like Malaysia, the place our peace is reliant on the mutual respect and understanding amongst races and religions. Any motion to undermine this basis will be perilous for the nation.

In the meantime, we should additionally concentrate on implicit racial biases, which is simply as caustic, if not worse. It’s a tad totally different from racial discrimination and mustn’t come up as a matter of confusion.

Implicit racial biases are associations made by people within the unconscious way of thinking. Which means that the person is probably going not conscious of the biased affiliation, and that is the place the hazard lies.

Implicit racial bias may cause people to unknowingly act in discriminatory methods. This doesn’t imply that the person is overtly racist, however reasonably their perceptions have been formed by experiences and these perceptions probably end in biased ideas or actions.

How will we cease such experiences and perceptions earlier than it festers within the society? It isn’t simple however aware efforts have to be undertaken to see outcomes, however extra importantly, there have to be a will that’s large enough for this to occur.

On this context, the newly minted prime minister revealed a brand new idea referred to as “Malaysia Madani”, which provides us a flicker of hope, notably the primary core worth which reads, “minorities won’t be marginalised underneath any authorities coverage. All insurance policies will contain ethics and morals propagated by all religions”.

It’s the rakyat’s hope and want to see that this ideology is espoused in any respect ranges of the administration.

Within the meantime, allow us to Gong Xi Fa Cai in peace.