Batman Has Fought a Variety of Marvel Heroes

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Batman is without doubt one of the most expert fighters within the superhero style, usually seen as near-unstoppable by different members of the hero group and villains alike. He has even held his personal in opposition to loads of different heroes through the years — even ones who aren’t from the DC Universe.

Through the years, Batman has had loads of one-off crossovers with Marvel heroes, showcasing how his personal talent set has allowed him to beat a few of Marvel’s largest heroes. However there are some who can really stand their floor in opposition to the Caped Crusader — and one who even briefly acquired the higher of him.

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The Punisher and the Hulk Have Misplaced to Batman

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As one of many DC Universe’s premiere fighters — which is just bolstered by the devices and instruments he has at his disposal — Batman is sort of unattainable to defeat. Different heroes even have a tough time maintaining with the Darkish Knight, even when he’s lower than ready for the scenario at hand. This extends to Marvel heroes, too, who are likely to have simply as arduous of a time dealing with Batman as anybody else. Batman’s fast considering was what gave him an edge over the Hulk in Batman vs. The Unimaginable Hulk (by Len Wein, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Glynis Wein, and John Costanza), giving him the prospect to beat the Jade Large’s superior power with a litany of gasoline pellets from his utility belt.

All Entry (by Ron Marz, Jackson Guice, Joe Rubinstein, Lee Loughridge, and Invoice Oakley) briefly pitted the Darkish Knight in opposition to the X-Males, the place he proved greater than able to preventing the group — rapidly knocking out Bishop, dodging assaults from Storm, and even countering Cannonball. If there’s any Marvel hero Batman has a profitable streak in opposition to, it is the Punisher — as their confrontations in Punisher/Batman: Lethal Knights (by Chuck Dixon, John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson, Christie Scheele, and Richard Starkings) and JLA/Avengers (by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Tom Smith, and Comicraft) all ended with the Punisher knocked out by Batman.

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Batman is Evenly Matched with Captain America and Daredevil

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Batman has discovered himself up in opposition to Captain America greater than as soon as — and when Marvel/DC crossovers happen, they have a tendency to search out mutual respect for each other. Whereas Batman technically scored a victory over the longtime Avenger in DC vs. Marvel (by Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgens, Claudio Castellini, Josef Rubinstein, Paul Neary, Gregory Wright, and Invoice Oakley), that win was predicated on an exterior pressure. When the pair confronted off on extra even footing in JLA/Avengers, the 2 determined they have been so evenly matched that preventing could be a waste of time.

Batman got here to an identical conclusion when he discovered himself confronting Marvel’s Man With out Worry in Daredevil and Batman (by D.G. Chichester, Scott McDaniel, Derek Fisher, Gregory Wright, and Invoice Oakley), rapidly coming to blows with Daredevil when the 2 crossed paths. Whereas Batman was capable of rapidly get the higher hand, Daredevil’s pace and agility made him extremely troublesome to defeat — giving Matt Murdock loads of time to persuade Batman that they need to work collectively, regardless of tensions flaring between them for the rest of the story — one thing that wasn’t as pronounced in their different crossovers.

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The X-Males’s Cyclops As soon as Defeated Batman

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Notably, Batman actually hasn’t misplaced to many Marvel heroes in a straight-up battle and has been essential find peace between them. Nonetheless, there’s one Marvel hero who proved able to getting a great hit in opposition to the Darkish Knight and holding him down – Cyclops of the X-Males. Throughout the aforementioned brawl in All Entry, Batman proves to be extra expert in fight than virtually anybody else current. However when the battle shifts over to Cyclops, the seasoned X-Males chief is ready to deliver the Caped Crusader right down to the bottom with a well-placed optic blast.

It is solely the intervention of the Martian Manhunter that stored the mutant hero from having the ability to use this place to try to finish the battle between the X-Males and the JLA. It is a good reminder that Batman, for all his power and talent, is not invulnerable. The suitable opponent with the best technique can nonetheless cease the hero — as seen most not too long ago along with his battles in opposition to the robotic Failsafe. Cyclops’ victory over the Darkish Knight ensures that the DC hero does not have an ideal report in opposition to the Marvel Universe.