10 Most Humiliating Victories In DC Comics

A split image of Johnny Quick screaming in shock while getting his leg shattered, of Mongul looming over Superman, and of the Hyperclan standing triumphant in DC Comics

The worth of victory for superheroes is commonly steep. Sacrifices of private happiness and what issues most to them are sometimes essential for the protection of the town, world, or universe they inhabit. That is true for each costumed hero, from the darkish and grittiest street-level vigilante to essentially the most highly effective and godlike champion of justice.

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What is not seen practically as usually is a personality sacrificing their dignity. Each villains and heroes during the last 80 years have been on the receiving finish of some critically salacious smack downs. Even the winners should come out of a few of these victories feeling only a tad responsible about how they ridiculed their opponents.

10/10 Wally West Strips Down The Retaliators’ Not-Iron Man

Wally West runs as The Flash in DC Comics

Sadly, there hasn’t been a brand new DC/Marvel crossover in years. Reasonably, DC has its personal Marvel analog universe known as Earth 8, the place the “Retaliators” stay. Throughout Scott Lobdell and Brett Sales space’s Flash Ahead, the Quickest Man Alive comes into battle with Earth 8’s Mightiest Heroes.

Flash takes out their Iron Man analog, Machinehead, in a spectacular style by disassembling and stripping the hero of his energy armor within the blink of an eye fixed. Sadly for the Rusted Retaliator, he could be taken fully out of fee for the rest of the battle, which did not final very lengthy, contemplating Flash was on the scene.

9/10 Batman Bests The Hyperclan With Some Matches

Batman, crouched in the dark as he stalks the members of Hyperclan from DC Comics'

Grant Morrison is one in all comics’ best creators, and one in all their shining examples relating to working for DC is their revolutionary run on JLA. Throughout an arc the place the super-powered members of the Justice League are out of fee, a lone Caped Crusader should take down an equally highly effective tremendous workforce all by himself.

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Fortunately, Batman is nothing if not observant and realizes that the League’s assailants are none apart from White Martians. Like their inexperienced counterparts, the White Martians are weak to fireplace and flame. As Batman as soon as mentioned in Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier, “All it takes for you is a penny for a ebook of matches.”

8/10 Jason Todd Grants Mongul Mercy

Mongul towering over DC Comics' Superman while the latter is ensnared by the Black Mercy.

Mongul will not be as effectively often known as Darkseid or Doomsday, however by way of uncooked energy, he is greater than a match for even essentially the most highly effective members of the Justice League. Mongul’s come again into reputation with the latest Warworld Arc within the Superman household of comics, however previous to that, he made his most iconic look in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ For The Man Who Has Every part.

Going down in Superman Annual #11, this story depicted the despot trapping the Man of Metal in a fantasy world created by the terrifying Black Mercy. The day is saved when Jason Todd catches Mongul off guard, flings the Black Mercy at its proprietor, and traps Mongul in his personal hellish fantasy world the place he guidelines with an iron fist.

7/10 Batman & Robin Paint Themselves Yellow

DC's Robin (Dick Grayson) throat strikes Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Robin, as well as the entire room, is painted yellow.

Roughly 30 years in the past, the Inexperienced Lantern‘s weak spot was once the colour yellow. Not simply the colour wielded by the Sinestro Corps embodying worry, however the literal coloration itself. Frank Miller would poke enjoyable at this absurdity in his much-maligned All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Surprise.

In preparation for an encounter with the patroller of House Sector 2814, Batman and Robin paint themselves and your entire room they’re in vivid yellow. That is topped off with Batman sarcastically providing the Inexperienced Guardian a glass of lemonade. Robin then proceeds to almost kill Hal in one of the vital absurd DC comics fights ever.

6/10 Darkseid Will get Mugged

Darkseid mugged in an alley on Earth in DC Comics

Darkseid is well-known by comedian ebook followers as DC’s final embodiment of evil and entropy within the universe. Nonetheless, a normal viewers would possibly solely know the character from the straight-to-streaming Snyder Lower or from the basic Tremendous Pals cartoons, the place he acted as a petty mastermind making an attempt to foil the heroes.

It is this much less dramatic interpretation of Darkseid that may, in a toyline tie-in sequence known as Tremendous Powers, be stripped of his energy and later all his Earthly possessions by two road thugs who take him for a random passerby. This passed off after Desaad realized that Darkseid’s weak spot was, in truth, ice. One zap of Mr. Freeze‘s aptly named freeze gun diminished the New God to a low even he thought unattainable.

5/10 Captain Chilly Shatters Johnny Fast’s Leg

Captain Cold nonchalantly shatters the frozen leg of Johnny Quick from DC's Forever Evil.

One thing that makes Flash‘s rogues gallery particular is their inherent and considerably mutual respect for each other. Most of Flash’s enemies are fascinated about petty theft relatively than mass homicide, like a few of The Darkish Knight’s adversaries.

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This makes the second the place Captain Chilly shatters Johnny Fast’s (an evil alternate universe Flash) frozen leg all the higher. Chilly, A.Ok.A. Leonard Snart. takes a second to elucidate that the distinction between his multiversal adversary and the Prime Flash is the very fact Chilly respects the latter and never the previous. Not solely is that this a uncommon second for the Rogue to look cool, but it surely additionally makes for among the finest moments from DC’s Endlessly Evil.

4/10 Batman Defeats Man Gardner With One Punch

Batman wallops Guy Gardner and lays him out flat with a single punch. The rest of DC's JLI laughs in the background.

Man Gardner is a love him or hate him character. Both one enjoys his crude nature for the comedic vitality it provides to the tales, or they discover it so obnoxious they want they might attain into the web page and smack him good. Fortunately, Batman did that for the reader.

It says quite a bit about Man Gardner that his most well-known battle is a single knockout punch thrown by a Batman who’s extra fed up than indignant. Bruce was skilled by literal ninjas and martial arts masters from internationally to hone his expertise and management his feelings. But, Man Gardner capturing his mouth off broke that calm and picked up facade which set the comedic tone for the remainder of Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis improbable Justice League Worldwide run.

3/10 Superman Eats A Chunk Of Kryptonite

A common criminal stares in shock as DC's Superman casually eats a chunk of Kryptonite.

Superman #233 by Dennis O’Neil, Curt Swan, and Murphy Anderson (with an iconic cowl by Neal Adams) is an all-time basic Bronze Age Superman story. The story pokes enjoyable at how frequent place Superman’s one weak spot had turn into in trendy comics by threatening the Man of Metal with a typical criminal who purchased a piece of Kryptonite for reasonable.

Little does the criminal know, Superman was simply on an journey that ended with all of the world’s reserves of kryptonite being become common previous iron. What proceeds is the Man of Tomorrow consuming and swallowing the inexperienced iron chunk complete.

2/10 Catwoman Hits Prometheus Under The Belt

DC's Catwoman hits Prometheus in the crotch with her whip.

Grant Morrison’s run on JLA was nice at build up larger-than-life threats, solely to have them taken down in among the most satisfying but additionally hilarious methods. Darkseid died when the Atom poked him within the mind, and The Hyperclan was defeated by a field of matches.

Prometheus, who had simply spent your entire arc dismantling the Justice League one after the opposite, was defeated by the one opponent he did not plan for. Given how he was defeated, he might wish to contemplate including higher safety to sure components of his armor.

1/10 Superman Annihilates Darkseid With Music

DC's Superman holding Batman's skeletal body, from the cover of Final Crisis.

Last Disaster, one other Grant Morrison script, is a dense piece of labor. It depends a lot on Morrison’s normal meta-chicanery that it ended up alienating many readers who had been hoping for a extra easy sequel to Infinite Disaster. Whereas it could have failed in that regard, it did present some loving Superman work practically on par with All-Star. In Fina Disaster, Superman crafts and desires for a contented ending from the Miracle Machine.

The fruits of that is when Darkseid’s evil essence taunts Superman. Darkseid is an embodiment of an idea and cannot be completely destroyed. Superman responds by whistling a tune on the similar frequency because the New God’s spirit and shatters it. It is a weird capstone to Last Disaster and a loving nod to basic Silver Age feats of impossibility.


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