Carrie Yarbrough Gains Sports Jacket Creed Honor for Honesty

December 8, 2022

Jessica Pope
Communications as well as Media Relations Organizer

Carrie Yarbrough, a participant of the Valdosta State College Person Resources group, made The Sports jacket Creed Honor for Honesty. She signed up with the VSU team in 2019. She is visualized with Jeanine Boddie-LaVan, primary Person Resources police officer; Dr. Richard A. Carvajal, college head of state; Christie Beth Coons Yates, replacement principal Human Resources police officer; as well as Heidi Cox, supervisor of the Workplace of Internal Audit. 

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State College just recently acknowledged an elite team of pupils, professors, as well as team for their unwavering dedication to maintain The Sports jacket Creed in every little thing they do — as well as Carrie Yarbrough, a participant of the Person Resources group, was among them.

As The Sports jacket Creed states, VSU is a finding out setting based upon depend on as well as shared regard, in which open discussion, energetic dispute, as well as the cost-free exchange of concepts rate. The college is devoted to the core worths of area, consisting of a dedication to exercise the following:

Respect — A Sports jacket reveals politeness as well as empathy along with regard for the self-respect of every person.

Honesty — Each Sports jacket is in charge of his/her very own activities, as well as our area is more powerful when we ponder the context of our choices as well as maintain the concepts of depend on as well as sincerity.

Citizenship — Every Sports jacket has a rate of interest in the wellness of the area as well as, consequently, an obligation to remain notified, to make favorable payments, as well as to provide assistance to those that require assistance.

Yarbrough, that signed up with the VSU team in 2019, exhibits what it indicates to be a Sports jacket, to deal with others with manners, to show sincerity as well as have solid ethical concepts, as well as to strive as well as aid others.  

VSU Information: You were bestowed The Sports jacket Creed Honor for Honesty. Why is it vital to have this personality attribute, as well as what duty does it play in contemporary culture? 

Yarbrough: When I think about honesty, I think about having solid concepts as well as being straightforward as well as persistent with my job. Honesty is beneficial to make sure that the job we are producing/our activities is/are of high worth as well as adds to both our tasks as well as culture all at once. I constantly aim to do my finest, as well as truly wish that do the very same.

In words of Paul Wellstone, “Most of us do much better when most of us do much better.” I genuinely think this is exceptionally vital in contemporary culture. I see contemporary culture as welcoming the private as well as truly advertising self-happiness, which I significantly sustain, however at that at the very same time the focus on honesty as well as team effort has actually taken a rear seat hereof. As we generate an age of Groups conferences as well as remote job, I wish that honesty can still have a footing, considering that it is required currently especially as a growing number of individuals depend on themselves to hold their very own top quality of work/life.

It’s not that individuals cannot have honesty in this element, however that doing it by yourself is simply a little bit harder. As Stephen Covey claimed, “There are 3 constants in life — modification, selection, as well as concepts.” I pick to maintain honesty at the center of my choices as well as activities.


The Sports Jacket Creed Honors Program belongs to VSU’s yearly acknowledgment of Ethics Recognition Week.

VSU is devoted to the greatest honest as well as expert criteria of conduct. This adds to the college’s success in advertising a society of quality, one that cultivates pupil success in as well as out of the class, grows a comprehensive setting, effects local development throughout South Georgia, as well as maintains the establishment for generations ahead.